Besides the Network of Interest, STEP-IN is supported and reaches out to a wide range of national and international organisations and initiatives active in the field of energy poverty and working with people vulnerable to energy poverty with the aim to alleviate household energy deprivation. STEP-IN was able to secure support from many organisations such as municipalities, housing providers, charities, trade associations and policy makers early on in the project, and will grow this network of supporters over the project lifetime. In addition, STEP-IN is establishing connections with other relevant EU and national projects in the field of energy poverty.


Number of supporters

Organisation Type (7)

  • (2) 5.56%
  • Academia (1) 2.78%
  • Consumer and Advocay Organisation (7) 19.44%
  • Energy Service Provider (5) 13.89%
  • Energy company (10) 27.78%
  • Local Public Authority (5) 13.89%
  • Policy Maker (6) 16.67%


Tamás Meszerics, MEP

Katalin Csiba, MEP





Ministry of Environment and Energy, General Secretariat for Energy and Mineral Resources

The Greek Ombudsman, Independent Authority

Independent Intendancy of Civil Protection

Public Power Corporation

Region of Epirus

Metsovo Trade Association


Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority

ELMŰ Hálózat

ÉMÁSZ Hálózat


Agenzia per l’Innovazione, lo Sviluppo e la Formazione

United Kingdom

The Consumer Council

Greater Manchester Poverty Action

National Energy Foundation

Affordable Warmth Solutions

Agility Eco Services

Beverly Clifton Morris

Hamilton (Building Contractors)

Engie Places & Communities (Keepmoat Regeneration)

Wigan Council

Bristol City Council

Oldham Council

The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources - University College London

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