The STEP-IN Mountain Living Lab held its 1st Energy Café in Metsovo, taking place on 13 March 2019 at 17:30. Within the informal space of this Energy Café, local energy consumers have the opportunity to meet with energy saving experts and to exchange on energy consumption related issues. The energy café took place in the facilities of the Metsovion Interdisciplinary Research Center (MIRC), the research unit of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) dedicated to the sustainable development of mountainous areas. Many people from the town joined the energy café, among them the Major and members of the Municipal Council.

The event started with a welcome speech presenting to the people of Metsovo the principles and aims of STEP-IN. The presentation focused particularly on the need to establish a constant connection between the STEP-IN researchers and the local community, as a key objective of the project and an essential element of its success. The main part of the energy café was related to energy savings and reduction of energy expenses. Three short and practically oriented presentations from researchers of NTUA and RAE, the Regulatory Authority of Energy, covered the following topics:

  • Understanding of electricity bills/ on what should consumers pay attention, when switching electricity provider
  • Easy, low cost methods for reducing thermal energy expenses
  • Collective actions for reducing energy costs, with emphasis on energy communities/ collectives

A lively conversation followed. The inhabitants of Metsovo asked numerous questions and the interaction with the researchers was fruitful. The local society seems to be well informed about many issues related to energy. Furthermore, the participants in the energy café were strongly interested in taking part in STEP-IN actions and were willing to provide help and information to the NTUA research team. The energy café ended with the wish that the STEP-IN Living Lab’s actions in the area will produce positive impacts and provide valuable help to the local households towards reducing their excess energy costs.

The Energy Café took place at Metsovo Center for Interdisciplinary Research, located Agias Triados 200, 44200 Metsovo

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