It is with great pleasure that we announce our participation in the upcoming Right to Energy Forum. STEP-IN Partner National Technical University of Athens will present the Greek Living Lab and discuss energy poverty in their country.The presentation will be part of the opening session Energy poverty: an introduction across Europe that will introduce the causes and challenges of energy poverty and share insight from activists and experts in the field in Spain, Serbia, Greece, UK, Bulgaria and Lithuania.

STEP-IN partner Stefan Bouzarovski of the University of Manchester and chair of the EU Energy Poverty Observatory will facilitate a session on how to transform our regions and cities in order to embed just energy transformations in multiple aspects of policy and governance.


About the Right to Energy Forum

The Right to Energy Forum is an opportunity to connect with activists, campaigners, decision makers and researchers who work on energy poverty and energy democracy to ensure a socially-fair energy transition that leaves no one behind. The programme includes speakers from local, national and EU perspectives. The Right to Energy Coalition invites all interested parties to discuss solutions and strategies to strengthen the growing movement to end energy poverty across Europe. It is free of charge to all attendees.

When: December 1-3rd
What: 15 workshops including panel discussions, workshops and webinars
Where: Online

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About Right to Energy Coalition

Right to Energy unites trade unions, anti-poverty groups, social housing providers, NGOs, environmental campaigners, health organisations and energy cooperatives across Europe. Right to Energy campaigns to tackle energy poverty at an EU, national and grassroot level. Right to Energy aims for an energy system that puts people and planet before profit. The Coalition was formed in 2017 to advocate for energy poverty in the 2030 EU energy legislative package. Since then, coalition members have successfully campaigned to ban disconnections, implement free of charge renovations for energy poor households and include the energy poor as key players in the EU Green Deal.

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