We are honoured to announce STEP-IN’s participation in the relaunching of the Hero at Home campaign, in collaboration with the UtilitEE, TripleA-reno, eTeacher, NRG2PEERS and Save the Homes projects. The campaign was originally launched in April 2020 and, after a break from June, is now officially relaunched.

Realising the increasing demand of working from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Hero at Home arises as an educational social media campaign aiming at providing the general public useful tips regarding home energy efficiency, indoor climate, and health. From STEP-IN, experiences from the Living Labs served as useful input for such educational content, helping not only those who are spending a lot of time indoors to be more energy efficient but also those who are considered energy-poor. The alignment between the objectives of the Hero at Home campaign and the STEP-IN project resulted in the inevitable collaboration between the two. STEP-IN joins the initiative as a project whose objectives align to those of the initiative.

The campaign’s tips can be found either via Hero at Home’s Instagram or Twitter.

Click here to download our Press Release on STEP-IN participation to the Hero At Home Campaign

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